Note: This page is for Exhibitors to gather helpful information for participating in our Show.

For Attendees, a list of Exhibitors will be posted on each individual Show page in the “More” section prior to each Show.


Download Contracts Here:


2017 Fall/2018 Official Spring Contract (Denver, Chantilly, Marlborough, Asheville, Nashville, Kansas City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Gatlinburg, & Harrisburg)


2017 Fall/2018 Spring Partnered Show Contract (Grand Rapids, Allentown, Columbus, Pittsburgh, & Lake George)


Sponsorship Opportunities:

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University Sponsorships


Click on a link below to see the floorplan for that particular show:

Allentown, PA

Nashville, TN

Columbus, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Kansas City, MO

Atlanta, GA

Indianapolis, IN

Minneapolis, MN

Gatlinburg, TN

Harrisburg, PA

Lake George, NY



Allentown, PA

Coming Soon…..


For more information, please reach out to our Show Team:

Eric Johnson                                                             Samantha Watters

Direct: 518-618-1195                                               Direct: 863-801-3475

Email: Ejohnson@loghomeshows.com                Email: Swatters@aimmedia.com